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This site is all about the exploration of black and white photography. I'm Joseph Linaschke, a photographer, traveler, teacher and the owner of ApertureExpert. I love black and white photos, and have been striving in my own photography to make the best B&W images possible, so I've set up this site as a place for us to learn together. I will provide teaching as we go, both free and paid, but more importantly I encourage everyone else to contribute and learn from each other.

Brandenburg Gate (Brandendburger Tor) in Berlin, Germany

No matter your background or experience, whether you shoot on a 4x5 film camera or with an iPhone, if you have a love for B&W, then this is the place for you.

How this works

The point is for you, the readers, to contribute as well as me. Write tips, share techniques, ask questions! Show off your best work and ask for critiques. Want to write an eBook about the art of B&W, or record a training video, and sell it? Let's do it! There will even be a way to sell your own photos as prints.

This is a for-learning, and a for-profit site. I want those who contribute to have the ability to be compensated financially.

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If you're simply interested in reading and commenting, there's no need to create an account. The first time you comment on a post you'll be able to sign in with twitter, facebook, or many other social accounts.

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If however you would like to contribute tips and start discussions on the site, I will set up an account for you (free, of course)—just fill out the form below. If you're interested in selling videos or books, you should start by posting tips and commenting on posts to build a rapport among the audience. If you decide to do a book or video, I'm happy to work closely with you to ensure that your product is of the utmost quality. And training doesn't have to be any particular length… if you want to make a 5 or 50 or 500 page ebook and sell it for 99¢ or $99, that's up to you! 3 minute quick tip videos or a complete 5 hour training, it's your call!

Let's create this an amazing site together, and make this the #1 stop on the interwebs for those who love black and white.

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