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Alone in the Bonneville Salt Flats who would you call? 


The power of waves crashing upon rocks and the salt water blasting upward turing to a mist...

Form & Design

Showing the strength and creativity of ones determination to create art out of what might have been a mundane bridge for pedestrians. 


Discovered this abandoned teepee sawdust burner while scouting for an environmental portraiture photoshoot, what a great find. 


Looking for the art in the normal. 

Assisi Cathedral

A B/W conversion of a shot I took two years ago on a trip to Assisi, among other destinations in Italy.

Black and White on 35mm film

Black and white photography using a 35mm film camera. No plugins or presets or sliders were harmed in the making of this post. 

Sugarloaf—Which Version Do You like?

Two versions of a scene showing dramatically different moods.

The Veil's Embrace

embraced by the veil of matrimony…

Long Winter Up Above…

 'twas a cold day in Montreal...

Seeing in Black & White

Trying to see in black & white is a learning process…

Loveland Pass

A glance back to where I had been.

Weathered Rock

Texture and contrast can help make a great black and white image, and coastal environments provide these nicely. 

A walk in the Sun

Getting over the hill ...

Smoked Skies in Ashland, Oregon

The fires north of Ashland are making for some pretty ugly conditions in southern Oregon.

First Birthday Coming Up… What's Next?

One year birthday, what's next for the site, a little bit of the Chinese countryside, and the end of the Nik sale…

Found on a walk, go lightweight and find inspiration

Sometimes you just need to reboot your mind. It can be so liberating going out to photograph the world around you with only the lightest of gear and keeping yourself focused on textures, shapes, patterns and the stories that they tell. 

Australian Wine Country

Revisiting old photos and converting to B&W can be a great way to breath new life into images that never quite achieved what you'd originally hoped for.

Day Along the Flume

Gaussian Winds Melted Snow

Natural Bridge

A dusk shoot of a granite formation in Albany, Western Australia.