Site Information Survey

Hi all, Joseph here. I have two questions about this site I'd appreciate if you could answer.

  1. Are you able to comment form an iPhone or iPod Touch? The iPhone UI isn't great, I know, but if you get to a post (like this one) and enter a comment and click submit, do you see the login screen, or do you just see "waiting approval"? I never get the login screen on many devices I've tested on, yet Squarespace support has sent me screenshots of their successfully seeing the login screen. 
  2. What do you think of this comment system? This is the new built-in Squarespace 6 comments, and I like it for the most part but am not impressed that it doesn't parse URLs automatically, nor allow you to include photos. I can enable the DISQUS system here, which I tried at first but went to this because it's prettier, but maybe I should go back. It does mean all existing comments will be lost, so better to make the switch now than later. I need to ensure that works on the iPad too; last I tried it here it did not.

Thanks for your help and thanks for being a part of this site! It's still new but growing quickly ;-)

Can you post comments from an iPhone or iPod Touch? *
Do you like this comment system or should I switch to DISQUS? *